premiere: die psychonauten – rausch

11 september – 15 september 2019 The most recent theater piece of analogtheater will be premiered at september 11th at studiobuehne koeln. Die Psychonauten: Rausch is the second project of the analog series Die Psychonauten and deals transdisciplinarily with the concepts of ecstasy, ego-dissolution, mass and individual, borders and border crossings in social and performative

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the los angeles string theory

9 – 14 april 2019 *** After the successful Jose Gonzalez & the String Theory us-tour, a part of the ensemble remained in LA and joined an extra-ordinary occasion. In keeping with the string theory tradition, more than 50 artist and musicians from los angeles, goeteborg and berlin recorded more than a dozen pieces in

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resonant space – wrocław / poland

15 february – 10 march 2019 *** The real-time-generated multimedia installation “Resonant Space” (doering/lauber) is part of the group exhibition perspective playground at czasoprzestrzeń, ul. tramwajowej 1-3 in wrocław, poland. https://perspectiveplayground.com

asche – second season

13 february – 17 february 2019 *** For the second time, the theater play “Die Psychonauten: Asche” will be presented at studiobuehne cologne.This work was nominated for “Cologne Theater Prize 2018”. more info:

nur utopien sind noch realistisch! – round three

9 jan – 13 jan 2019 *** The theater work “Nur Utopien Sind Noch Realistisch!” of analogtheater will be performed a third time between 9th and 13th of january 2019 at studiobuehne cologne. Update: all shows are sold out. More info:

cologne theater award 2018 – nomination

14 november 2018 *** The theater piece “Die Psychonauten: Asche” was nominated for koelner theaterpreis (cologne theater award) 2018 by sk stiftung kultur. The piece will be shown again at studiobuehne cologne in 2019 from february 13-17. more info at:

3 plus 4 = 5 mal 12

11 november 2018 *** The piano piece “3 plus 4 = 5 mal 12” will be premiered by nadezda tseluykina at klangwerkstatt berlin 2018 on sunday 11th november. On this evening, the ensemble JungeMusik will also perform works of the following composers: sowon yun, margarete huber, johannes hildebrandt, sujin lee wave, johannes boris borowski, taner

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jose gonzalez & the string theory tour 2018

16 september – 8 october 2018 *** Here are the dates for the jose gonzalez & the string theory europe tour in 2018. There will be an live album release soon, which was recorded on the tour 2017. 16 september 2018 se stockholm – dramaten 17 september 2018 dk aarhus – musikhuset 18 september 2018

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