nur utopien sind noch realistisch! – helsinki

16 may – 18 may 2020 *** The awarded theater piece “Nur Utopien Sind Noch Realistisch!” by analogtheater makes a visit in helsinki/finland. It will be performed at viirus theater from may 16th to 18th 2020. More

rausch – second season

5 february – 9 february 2020 *** The second season of the theater piece “Die Psychonauten: Rausch” will be performed from febrauary 5th to 9th by analogtheater at studiobuehne koeln. more info:

grammy nomination – sekou andrews & the string theory

20 november 2019 *** Just a few month after getting together and recording as the Los Angeles String Thoery, the first release Sekou Andrews & The String Theory is nominated for GRAMMY AWARD 2020.

t.raumschmiere – notre-dame

19 november 2019 *** The most recent track of t.raumschmiere “notre-dame” is part of the pop ambient 2020 double vinyl and cd (kompakt label). The pop ambient series celebrates its 20th birthday. t.raumschmiere – notre-dame on youtube

xxvii. randfestspiele

3 october – 6 october 2019 *** The organ player thomas noll performs “Alle Menschen Müssen Sterben”, “Schmücke Dich, O Liebe Seele” at the contemporary music festival randspiele 2019 at st-annen-kirche in zepernick on saturday october 5th, time: 1800h. Further compositions by s.e.winkler, enjott schneider,, arne sanders, ferdinand breil, andre bartetzki, dorothea hofmann, bernd

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premiere: die psychonauten – rausch

11 september – 15 september 2019 *** The most recent theater piece of analogtheater will be premiered at september 11th at studiobuehne koeln. Die Psychonauten: Rausch is the second project of the analog series Die Psychonauten and deals transdisciplinarily with the concepts of ecstasy, ego-dissolution, mass and individual, borders and border crossings in social and

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the los angeles string theory

9 – 14 april 2019 *** After the successful Jose Gonzalez & the String Theory us-tour, a part of the ensemble remained in LA and joined an extra-ordinary occasion. In keeping with the string theory tradition, more than 50 artist and musicians from los angeles, goeteborg and berlin recorded more than a dozen pieces in

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