Ben Lauber, musician, composer, sound artist and producer, has since many years devoted himself to contemporary music from analog to digital.
In his music, sound installations and theatre music performances he is shifting the boundary of the perception of reality, between sound and music. His work could be heard at places such as künstlerhaus bethanien, berlin; museum für angewandte kunst, vienna; 13muz, szczecin; recinto modernista de sant pau, barcelona; øksnehallen, copenhagen; berghain, berlin; rwe-turm, essen; alte postzentrale, vienna; staatsbank, berlin; technische universität-berlin and more. Some of the projects in cooperation with jorinde voigt, candice breitz and coophimmelb(l)au.
Together with moses schneider, he founded the transporterraum berlin (1997), a musical community, where they produced a vast number of records. He is one of the founders and arrangers of the berlin string theory (2007), the goeteborg string theory (2009) and the aachen string theory (2011). In 2011 and 2017, he was touring with jose gonzalez & the goeteborg string theory through europe & usa. Since 2005, he is associated with t.raumschmiere, where he plays live drums and does electronics in studio. With nicola rost, he developed the band concept of laing, 3 singers and one drummer. In 2011 and 2012 he toured with apparat through the world, operating synthesizer. Most recently he produced albums of dieter meier (yello) and fraktus together with t.raumschmiere.

2015-today studies on composition by helmut zapf
2008-2010 studies on composition by helmut zapf, musical theory by ellen hünigen, piano by emil mamedov
from 2000 studies and lectures on electronic music and digital synthesis at tu berlin by gottfried michael koenig, trevor wishart, hans tutschko, franz martin olbrisch and others
1997 foundation of the transporterraum berlin with moses schneider
from 1993 studies and lectures on composition by karlheinz stockhausen, dieter schnebel, witold szalonek and others
1992-1993 studying musicology at fu berlin
1989 assistant engineer at hansa ton studios, berlin
1986-1988 civilian service
1984-1986 orchestral percussionist at landesjugend symphonie orchester hessen
1983-1986 piano lessons (horst schmidt)
1982-1986 studying orchestral percussion at hoch´s konservatorium frankfurt am main by prof. karl setzer
from 1975 autodidactic experiences on guitar, piano and drums