Nur Utopien sind noch realistisch!

Nur Utopien Sind Noch Realistisch! (2017)

a theatre piece with 5 performer and 1 musician (drums and computer).

The title of the piece, slightly permutated, is borrowed from a book of the german philosopher oskar negt, about the development of utopian ideas in order to restructure societies in the direction of further democratization. The protagonist “rosi”, 58 years old, hampered and almost blind, accomplishes her dream, leaves behind her familiar surroundings to emigrate to the arctic circle. The story is based on a true event.

performer: rosi, dorothea foertsch, mario hoegemann, lara pietjou, ingmar skrinjar
text by analogtheater & daniel schuessler
directed by daniel schuessler
music by ben lauber
set design by eva sauermann
visuals by michael schmitz
production management by elsa weiland
assistance by sophie rossfeld
lights by henning vahlbruch
dramaturgy support by tim mrosek
co-production: studiobuehne cologne

awards: koelner theaterpreis (cologne theater award) 2017

more info about the piece:

2019 first quarter, more info soon

2018-03-11 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2018-03-10 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2018-03-09 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2018-03-08 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2018-03-07 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2017-09-10 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2017-09-09 studiobuehne cologne
2017-09-08 studiobuehne cologne
2017-09-07 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2017-09-06 world premiere at studiobuehne cologne (sold out)

video trailer of Nur Utopien Sind Noch Realistisch!
Click here to watch the video trailer on vimeo.