music & installations

2019 Digital World for 3 dancers and multimedia, premiere at kongesszentrum, nuernberg, germany
2018 3 Plus 4 = 5 Mal 12 for piano, premiere at klangwerkstatt berlin, germany
2018 Was Ist Schon Fuer Ewig? for piano, premiere at randspiele XXVI, zepernick, germany
2017 Der Schrei for soprano and cello, premiered at randspiele XXV, zepernick, germany
2016 Prism with pc nackt for at least 3 musicians, premiered at chez cherie, berlin 2016, germany
2016 Kreuz-B. for ensemble (cl, hn, vib, pno, vln, vla, vlc, db), premiered at klangwerkstatt-berlin 2016, germany
2016 Resonant Space (8.1-channel audio) interactive real-time-generated multimedia installation with 1 camera, 3-wall-projections and 8.1 loudspeakers, premiered at perspective playgound, carlswerk, cologne, germany
2016 Alle Menschen Müssen Sterben for organ at randspiele, zepernick, germany
2016 Schmücke Dich, O Liebe Seele for organ at randspiele, zepernick, germany
2016 Weite Reise for computer live-electronics (6.2-channel audio) with helena persson and david sabel, premiered at ausland, berlin, germany
2015 Szczecin Concrète (8.1-channel audio) interactive sound installation, premiered at 13muz, szczecin, poland
2015 Narciss 3.0 (8.1-channel audio) interactive installation & perfomance with projections controlled by a dancer, premiered at atelier scheibner & franz in berlin, germany
2014 Resonant Grid (8.1-channel audio) interactive sound installation with projections, premiered at photography playgound, jack in the box, cologne, germany
2014 Bremer Modell for computer live-electronics (2-chanel audio), premiered at theater am goetheplatz, bremen, germany
2012 Signal, reKOLLEKT, künstlerhaus bethanien, berlin, germany
2010 Trio for trumpet, double bass and marimbaphon, premiered at rheinsberger pfingstwerkstatt neue musik, germany
2010 Sadludium for string ensemble, premiered by the goeteborg string theory at konserthuset, gothenborg, sweden
2009 Flötenkopfspiel für flötenköpfe, premiered at exploratorium, berlin
2009 Signal, elektro-akustischer salon, berghain, berlin, bermany
2007 Beyond The Blue (5.1-channel audio), for COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, directed by lukas feireiss, museum für angewandte kunst, vienna, austria
2006 Signal, premiered at party arty, festsaal kreuzberg, berlin, germany
2004 Indonesia 2 (stereo headphones), for jorinde voigt, .ipeg, bild.ton.maschine, künstlerhaus bethanien, berlin, germany
2002 Alien – Ten Songs From Beyond, for candice breitz, premiered at künstlerhaus bethanien, berlin, germany and museum folkwang, rwe-turm, essen, germany
2002 I Got Involved In Something I Realize … (group work), premiered at inventionen, staatsbank, berlin, germany
2002 Jewgeni Onegin (stereo) with alexandra holtsch by alexander pushkin , directed by peter rothin, radio play (stereo), wdr, rermany
2001 Lange Nachtphasen for 16 loudspeakers (16-channel audio), premiered at a-line, lange nacht der museen, technische universität, berlin, germany
2001 Kleinstlebewesen, (two-channel) soundsculpture, fernsehturm alexanderplatz, premiered at technische universität, germany, berlin
2000 French Gardens Weed by demba nabé (stereo), radio play
1997 Danziger (stereo), with vicky schmatolla, text: peter arlt