Alle Menschen Müssen Sterben (2016)
Schmücke Dich, O liebe Seele (2016)

for organ

Commissioned by thomas noll and helmut zapf as a part of the “Zepernicker Orgelbuechlein”. Premiered at kirche zum heilsbronnen, berlin by organ player thomas noll on july 8th, 2017 at the music festival randfestspiele.

Inspired by the unfinished project johann sebastian bach’s to collect short choral preludes in the book “Orgelbuechlein” (Little Organ Book), the organ player thomas noll invites contemporary composers to contribute to a ongoing collective composition project. Rather than to ask, how bach would have written short chorale preludes, if he were alive today (which is ends in pure speculation), it’s way more interesting to hear the music of todays composers when they get inspired by chorals, bach has already chosen more than 300 years ago..

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2019 october 5, st.annen-kirche zepernick/berlin, xxvii. randspiele
2017 july 8, kirche zum heilsbronnen, berlin, xxv. randspiele (premiere)