resonant space – wrocław / poland

15 february – 10 march 2019 *** The real-time-generated multimedia installation “Resonant Space” (doering/lauber) is part of the group exhibition perspective playground at czasoprzestrzeń, ul. tramwajowej 1-3 in wrocław, poland. https://perspectiveplayground.com

asche – second season

13 february – 17 february 2019 *** For the second time, the theater play “Die Psychonauten: Asche” will be presented at studiobuehne cologne.This work was nominated for “Cologne Theater Prize 2018”. more info:

nur utopien sind noch realistisch! – round three

9 jan – 13 jan 2019 *** The theater work “Nur Utopien Sind Noch Realistisch!” of analogtheater will be performed a third time between 9th and 13th of january 2019 at studiobuehne cologne. Update: all shows are sold out. More info:

cologne theater award 2018 – nomination

14 november 2018 *** The theater piece “Die Psychonauten: Asche” was nominated for koelner theaterpreis (cologne theater award) 2018 by sk stiftung kultur. The piece will be shown again at studiobuehne cologne in 2019 from february 13-17. more info at:

3 plus 4 = 5 mal 12

11 november 2018 *** The piano piece “3 plus 4 = 5 mal 12” will be premiered by nadezda tseluykina at klangwerkstatt berlin 2018 on sunday 11th november. On this evening, the ensemble JungeMusik will also perform works of the following composers: sowon yun, margarete huber, johannes hildebrandt, sujin lee wave, johannes boris borowski, taner

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jose gonzalez & the string theory tour 2018

16 september – 8 october 2018 *** Here are the dates for the jose gonzalez & the string theory europe tour in 2018. There will be an live album release soon, which was recorded on the tour 2017. 16 september 2018 se stockholm – dramaten 17 september 2018 dk aarhus – musikhuset 18 september 2018

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die psychonauten: asche

5 september – 9 september 2018 *** The most recent theater piece of analogtheater will be premiered at september 5th at studiobuehne koeln. A quite dystopian view of the only person, who survives a nuclear blast. It’s about live, hope, guiltiness and salvation. “Asche” was written by konstantin kuespert. more info:

was ist schon für ewig? – fringeplay

7 july 2018 *** The composition “Was Ist Schon Für Ewig?” will be a part of martin tchiba’s piano recital “fringeplay”. It will be performed on July, 7th 2018 at “XXVI. randfestspiele für neue musik”. He invited several composers to write meditative miniatures, based on 34 note pitches with associated durations. The short pieces will

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may 2018 *** ben lauber was involved as a drummer and music editor in ralf schmerberg’s upcoming movie “Indarella”. more info: