Ich Bin Ein Volumenjoker

Ich Bin Ein Volumenjoker (2015)

an installative theatre performance (4.2-channels audio) for 5 performer who use their voice and body to produce sound/music and 1 musician (computer, synthesizer and bass guitar).

text by peter licht, directed by see!
performer: kristina brons, thorsten graf, kirsten schötteldreier, sebastian stuber (kaosspad), frank willens (loop station)
music by ben lauber

Inspired by peter licht’s text ‘lob der leerstelle’ (‘in praise of empty space’), performance collective see!, barner 16 and a six-piece ensemble of musicians, singers, dancers and actors present an inter-disciplinary evening about the incomplete. He praises the empty spaces as a freedom-founding principle. ICH BIN EIN VOLUMENJOKER is an urgent appeal against the increasing conformism of this society. see! and barner 16 celebrate the theatre as a place for networking, a place of infection and presence and awaken the incessant call for freedom of sight, freedom of thinking and freedom of action. Unsecured, utopian, immediate!

2016-10-01 favoriten festival dortmund
2016-05-01 ballhaus ost berlin
2016-04-30 ballhaus ost berlin
2015-12-11 kampnagel hamburg (sold out)
2015-12-06 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2015-12-05 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2015-12-04 studiobuehne cologne (sold out)
2015-11-21 ringlokschuppen muelheim a.d.ruhr
2015-11-20 premiere at ringlokschuppen muelheim a.d.ruhr (sold out)

see! volumenjoker trailer from see! on vimeo.

A video excerpt of the piece. audio is only mono: