Die Psychonauten: Rausch

Die Psychonauten: Rausch (2019)

a theatre piece for 5 actors
by analogtheater cologne

Die Psychonauten: Rausch is the second project of the analog series Die Psychonauten and deals transdisciplinarily with the concepts of ecstasy, ego-dissolution, mass and individual, borders and border crossings in social and performative space.

In an age in which familiar boundaries dissolve and new boundaries are drawn, the individual and society as globalized inhabitants of the earth must realign, define, classify or subordinate themselves. How should mankind and society locate themselves in this new world? And how do we deal with human borders? With the limits of our body, our mind, our life?

The project oscillates between the experience of community and collective experiences and the danger potential of mass movements. The psychonauts take the audience on a surreal journey to the inner and outer limits of human existence.

actors: dorothea förtsch, marje hirvonen, lara pietjou, ingmar skrinjar, tim stegemann
musical composition: ben lauber
text: daniel schuessler, tim mrosek
concept: dorothea foertsch, daniel schuessler
director: daniel schuessler
set design and costumes: eva sauermann
dramaturgy: tim mrosek
production assistance: hanna held
technical director: tommy vella
choreography: marje hirvonen
produced by analogtheater in co-operation with studiobuehne cologne

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