prism the string theory berlin-goeteborg

2 december 2016


Two parallele universes, one simultaneous performance, berlin and gothenburg synchronized and connected via internet stream – the string theory teamed up with the artist collective transforma for this unique interdisciplinary happening that took place at two locations in two countries on friday december 2nd 2017. 20 musicians performed the intuitive piece Prism by pc nackt and ben lauber and sent their respective live sound over the internet to each other, to act and react collaboratively, and to feel that despite the seeming autonomy and geographic distance, there is in fact someone listening and caring.

The prism refracts white light into its spectral colors, what once was a whole entity is now scattered into parts that float around individually and seek to reconnect. Lead back into the wholeness of the white light in a communal effort of a swarm of 20 musicians / producers / kindred souls to counteract the onset of fear and darkness in this crisis age. The prism performance is the most recent “weekend”, a series of events the string theory regularly stages to develop new artistic concepts and collaborations.