Tonight Fraktus

Tonight Fraktus (2014)
a staged concert – theatre play

created and directed by studio braun
music by t.raumschmiere, ben lauber and studio braun

performed from 2014 till 2016 at thalia theatre hamburg

A theatre play with and about Fraktus, the pioneers of electro and inventors of techno.
TONIGHT FRAKTUS is a staged concert. Under it, over it, on it: from a to z, from setting up the stage to the encore, the complete madness of a live show is hauled onto the revolving stage. The roadies, the drugs, the fans: a frenzy in the rhythm of music. Studio Braun counteracts the major occasion of a live event: does a concert reflect the power relationships of our time? Are the audience not celebrating themselves? Are there still authentic moments there? What’s so great about ill-fitting band t-shirts? And why do we keep going to concerts? (thalia programm notes)

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Tonight: Fraktus – trailer:

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Watch a short introduction with english subtitles here.

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