how web chews war

15 october 2017


a late night group therapy – how web chews war

at vierte welt, berlin

Two recently discussed questions: How is digitization changing our world? Is everything doomed anyways?

These big questions and especially the accompanied feelings expose the hard facts: the common discussion formats are no longer helpful!

Schudini the sensitive establishes a new approach to deal with open and burning issues of our society; her first „late night group therapy” client, the apocalyptic florian cramer, exposes and explores his own new view on the media, and uncovers the hidden structures of digitization in a systemic constellation!

The brave represantents: lori baldwin, pravin james corera, lan hung, anja ibsch, carrie mcilwan, and ole wullfers will be inspired by the music of da benszly (ben lauber and peter szely), to allow themselves to fall into the unknown dynamics of the hidden information and prove the superiority of group therapy for political discussion.

They are willing to let themselves fall into the unknown dynamics of the hidden information hens proving the superiority of group therapy format for political discussion.

The final show-act will be given by safi, loud and intense, with the appropriate ambivalence.

Funded by bka, with friendly support of cam charter europe.
(This was taken from the official flyer)